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Top 10 Project Management Solutions Companies- 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many industries to reassess how business is conducted and managed, and the construction industry is no exception. Adoption and implementation of innovative solutions have gained widespread popularity, and these changing trends are redefining the way the construction industry will emerge out of the pandemic to remain competitive. However, the driving force behind the change, accelerated largely due to the pandemic, has been technology growth and adoption for safety, management, and monitoring in the construction industry.

For instance, experts see the use of blockchain technology as an efficient way of providing more secure and fast-moving workflow that allows all involved parties to improve productivity. Smart contracts, alongside, offers all stakeholders of a project a shared platform to do business, allowing them to buy, track, and pay for services. Rather than receiving contracts and tracking deliverables from multiple avenues, firms can use smart contacts as an all-in-one tracking system where rules and deadlines can be set, and the blockchain technology can enforce them. This approach allows faster closeouts, increased security, better project tracking, and an automated supply chain.


Notably, the use of building information management (BIM) with augmented reality (AR) is another noticeable trend, helping architects and project planners a more efficient of visualizing the 3D models. It is helping in building, designing, and constructing accurate models and infrastructures, preventing rework— and thus saving on construction costs. In addition, efficient technologies like drones provide real-time data for planning, mapping large areas for survey and job site inspection before construction.

At this juncture, there are variety of project management solution and software providers that are entering the market to cater to the different needs in the construction tech domain. To help them choose the solution that best fits their requirement, Construction Tech Review has compiled a list of project management solution and software providers. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for aspiring CIOs.

We present to you Construction Tech Review’s, “Top 10 Project Management Solutions Providers – 2022,”.

    Top Project Management Solutions Companies

  • Abbott is a fully integrated, global project management organization that works across all areas of the built environment. It delivers the industry know-how and resources needed to create trust in businesses around the world, helping them to regularly meet project deadlines, budgets, and quality standards. Abbott reviews all 15 elements of an efficient project management office which includes key strategic alignment, roles and responsibilities, governance, project planning, cost management, Benefit Management, risk management, issues, and discrepancies, reporting, quality assurance, change control, resource

  • Kwame Building Group is a wholly-owned construction management company that devotes 100 percent of its resources to project management services



    AECOM is a leading global provider of technical and managerial support services to a diverse range of industries

  • BuildEffective


    BuildEffective is developing a three-step process to assist consumers, designers, and construction contractors

  • Knickerbocker & Associates

    Knickerbocker & Associates

    Knickerbocker & Associates provides professional management and consulting services for a wide range of construction and real estate development projects

  • Linesight


    Linesight provides management consulting and support services to the global construction industry

  • March Associates Construction

    March Associates Construction

    March Construction is a project management firm. March Construction manages world-class commercial real estate development projects while cultivating excellent connections

  • Program Controls

    Program Controls

    Program Controls is a consulting engineering firm specialising in conceptual estimation, programme management, and construction services

  • Project Management Services

    Project Management Services

    Project Management Services, Inc. was founded in 2005 and is a full-service project management organisation with projects in every major city in Texas, as well as Louisiana, Florida, and Ohio

  • TCM


    TCM is an end-to-end facility support services company that handles all projects, ranging from simple to complex, ensuring cost and schedule certainty while maximizing the return on investment

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