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Top 10 Project Management Companies - 2020

Project Management has become increasingly important in recent years across all industries, especially construction. Businesses are on the constant lookout for identifying new ways to manage their projects effectively to boost productivity. The construction industry is rapidly becoming technology-driven, and organizations are becoming increasingly dependent on advanced technologies to handle all aspects of a project from budget to resource scheduling. What was simply the optimal way to handle a project a decade ago has become a complex integration of Artificial Intelligence, drones, AR and VR, and other surveillance systems.

Artificial Intelligence and automation have made their way into all businesses, and its effects can be seen and felt in the construction industry. The use of automation and AI in project management has removed the need for human efforts in performing various daily tasks. With the help of automation, project managers can perform multiple complex tasks ranging from scheduling to data visualization. Projects may vary in size and nature, and one particular method is not necessarily applicable to another project. This is where hybrid project management has been gaining attention. With hybrid project management, project managers can all projects, tasks, people, and communications in one place and make the right business choice. Instead of taking a traditional approach and sticking to one method, it allows them to explore agile methods. Also, it facilitates team members with different views and working styles to work together. This makes way for more stability, engagement, and efficiency.

Businesses are becoming data-driven, and project managers can now leverage this data to make informed decisions that are based on trend analysis. From project planning to quality management to risk estimation, the use of data analytics is quickly reshaping the world of project management. However, many businesses fail to capitalize on these emerging trends. To help our readers make informed decisions for their project management needs, we have prepared a list of the most prominent companies in the field of project management.

We present to you Construction Tech Reviews Top 10 Project Management Companies - 2020

    Top Project Management Companies

  • ASLPM, a certified MBE & DBE program & project management consulting firm, delivers a wide range of professional services to assist its clients in successfully implementing development programs, with its culture of Service, Integrity, and Collaboration. ASLPM assists their clients in developing their Capital Improvement Programs, cost & schedule management, project & construction management, and inspections that make them a team that can take any project from infancy to completion. The team’s deep understanding of the internal & external stakeholders & their challenges enables the team to provide innovative solutions

  • Civalgo provides an AI-based platform that helps small-to-medium contractors manage their projects using real-time operations data

  • Fletcher Consulting Co is a Construction Project Management and real estate strategy company serving clients in the Metropolitan Washington DC area. The company provides one of the best industry experience, commitment with proven results that your project needs to help guide it through to successful completion. Fletcher Consulting Co provides process-driven solutions and the project leadership you need. The company blends diverse expertise with keen foresight to achieve project goals and mitigate risk

  • InnoTech has built a reputation for the safety, quality, and commitment it brings to every project around the United States. The company consistently delivers superior results, safely, even while facing the most challenging of environments. Innotech prides itself on having an award-winning safety program and most recently received a top safety award for having no OSHA recordable in the last five years. The company is continuously looking to hire exceptional engineers, planners, and safety professionals with nuclear experience

  • Innovative Management Solutions (IMS) is a Texas-based company that has been instrumental in designing, building, implementing, operating and evolving Project Portfolio Management (PPM) systems for hundreds of customers across a broad spectrum of industries. The company provides clients with functional, technical and process expertise as well as highly qualified individuals to deliver project controls on their critical projects. IMS, as an Oracle Partner for services, training, and software sales, hosts the Primavera applications on its optimized IMS Cloud. This offering takes the workload away from the Client’s IT department and provides the users with a seamless managed service

  • Prefab Logic is a construction consultancy firm specializing in modular construction planning, development, sourcing, and completion services. The company's veteran construction professionals and modular industry pioneers help developers, general contractors, and architects take advantage of the benefits of modular for their projects. Prefab Logic makes modular possible by providing expertise to builders, developers, and architects at every step of the process. The company is well known for helping its clients save money, time, and efforts on their projects

  • SiteTraxx eliminates the guesswork from construction site reporting, minimizes human error in data collection and increases data accuracy while providing valuable data insights for every stakeholder

  • Tri-G’s forte as ‘hands-on consultants’ is in finding solutions to the most difficult challenges in project management and estimation, construction engineering, and overall business management, among others. The Tri-G team does not just stop at informing their clients about a particular problem. They follow a three-phase approach of defining the problem by interacting with the crew on the field, analyzing and developing the best fit strategy, and subsequently implementing it by working with the concerned management teams of client organizations. Bridging the gap between recommendation and implementation is what Tri-G excels at

  • TriBuild, Inc. is a construction contractor software company established to provide MEP contractors with advanced technology solutions to manage projects easier, save time, and increase profits. TriBuild's focus is to offer solutions to the high-value specialty trade contractors who are under-served by many of the large technology firms and also on contractors using traditional workflow tools struggling with siloed data and more accessible communication in their project management

  • MOCA Systems

    MOCA Systems

    MOCA is a full-service Owner's Representative and software development firm serving the design and construction industry. The firm is headquartered in Boston, MA, with offices in Baltimore, MD, Houston, TX, San Antonio, TX, Salt Lake City, UT, St. Paul, MN, and Niceville, FL. MOCA's niche in Early Project Definition and Alignment helps clients align their building projects for success by becoming engaged at the very beginning of each project, and bringing together the project's qualitative and quantitative elements described in quality, scope, cost and time

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