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Top 10 Emerging Project Management Solution Companies - 2021

In 2020, COVID–19 has caused unprecedented disruption for the construction sector. None the less, this also compelled several stakeholders to embrace modern practices. The pandemic has changed the way people are likely to react and conduct themselves, be it in personal or social life, or in business. Thus, the way organizations build is also undergoing an unforeseen transformation – in terms of planning, procurement, and execution. While various business sectors were ordered to close momentarily, to flatten the curve of COVID-19 outbreaks, construction was largely deemed essential and carried on.

Moreover, raising efficiency while ensuring the workers’ safety on the job site has always been the top priority of construction project management solutions and service providers. Similarly, cloud-based and virtual project management platforms promptly emerged as a possible way to reach this goal. Even though some firms had already adopted this tool to their business, they become essential for managing a project, especially during this time where remote management is more advocated. Cloud-based project management software has enabled managers to migrate most in-person tasks and activities to a digital format. At present, almost all components of a job can be made convenient through a phone or tablet. Even the contractors and subcontractors can easily access updated blueprints, photos, and videos while also scheduling tasks remotely, restricting how many workers are needed onsite and shorten the time they need to be there. Through the new age project management solutions and services, managers can track the construction’s progress and mitigate issues in a day without leaving their offices and homes’ comfort. Besides, the use of AI will also improve construction planning, sequencing, and task management. It could also perfectly identify possible clashes, delays, and changes within the construction process. In these times of uncertainty, AI can be used to obtain centralized and consistent inputs, for building design, project risk, cost overruns, labor shortage, construction safety, etc. With the continuous decline in the labor force at construction sites, mechanized equipment will increasingly be used, to deliver projects with high quality and within the specified time and cost. On the other hand, 3D scanning has the potential of documenting and capturing the data of any built structure accurately, which can then be used for review and analysis. It can also be successfully used in tracking the physical progress of the building, as it establishes a virtual walkthrough model of the constructed building. This too can be used to perform visual inspections, to identify defects, dimensional correctness, etc., from a remote location.

To gain the advantages of such technological advancements has compelled organizations to adopt project management solutions and services. This edition of Construction Tech Review has compiled a list of leading project management solution and service players to help companies navigate the best-of-breed service and solution providers. The enlisted organizations are transforming processes and services at the convergence of several disruptive technologies. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for aspiring CIOs.

We present to you Construction Tech Review’s “Top 10 Emerging Project Management Solution Providers 2021.”

    Top Emerging Project Management Solution Companies

  • Founded in 1986, Knickerbocker & Associates is a construction company that provides professional management and consulting services for a variety of construction and real estate development projects while ensuring quality, cost and, schedule. Carrying forward its 30 years old business legacy, Knickerbocker & Associates stands on a high ground of transparency. Once the company understands its clients' needs, it scopes its proposal and looks forward to executing the goals seamlessly and transparently. Knickerbocker & Associates hires the best-in-class contractors, engineers, and architecture to match clients' styles and needs. Conducting timely quality checks, the company sits for a thorough review of plans with the clients to ensure the team sticks to the targeted goal throughout the project

  • Rice & Gardner is a company offering expert project and program management, building commissioning, and construction support services, alleviating the burden of planning and executing projects for building owners. The company specializes in developing and managing programs of any scope for virtually any new construction, renovation, or upfitting project, utilizing its expertise and skill to ensure successful completion. Rice & Gardner's diverse set of services provides their clients with everything they need to design, build, and improve their facilities

  • TCG aims to change the ‘usual’ way construction projects are managed by incorporating its cloud-based project management software to boost overall project efficiencies Online Description:TCG Project Management (TCG) offers state-of-the-art project management services, while solving construction mismanagement doldrums for numerous builders, developers, and house flippers across the U.S.The company’s project management software is highly dynamic, easily accessible from a smartphone, laptop, or desktop, and can be smoothly incorporated into leading cloud-based work execution platforms like Smartsheet as well. TCG can manage an entire project end-to-end, from pre-construction stages to post-construction, enabling the client to pay heed to scaling their business and focus on other time-consuming yet vital processes like regulatory approvals for license and inspections

  • YMC is a small, certified disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE) specializing in strategic project management and controls, sourcing/procurement, construction management, and engineering services. YMC helps companies successfully minimize safety risks, reduce costs, enhance revenue, and increase profits while keeping their business objectives in mind. Whether it’s the need for turnkey solutions or staff augmentation for project management, project controls and construction management, YMC has the capacity to lead them all. With a flexible approach that encourages free thinking, innovation, and transparency, YMC attracts, attains, and retains the right talent that appreciates a culture of true values

  • CAS Group

     CAS Group

    City and Sea Group LLC (CAS Group) is a trusted engineering, urban planning, and program management firm providing services across the US and worldwide. They deliver responsive solutions, strategic guidance, and proven tactics to successfully move complex projects from concept to completion

  • MAAS Companies

    MAAS Companies

    MAAS Companies is a comprehensive, planning and management company specializing in services to educational institutions including community colleges, colleges/universities (public and private), elementary and secondary school districts, cities and counties. Their consultants, project managers, and IT specialists are passionately dedicated to helping clients create new programs, develop roadmaps, and systematically manage and control projects to get the full value of their bond-financed construction programs

  • MSF Contracting Group

    MSF Contracting Group

    MSF Contracting Group is a full scale general contractor that specializes in base building and tenant fitout construction. Their markets are retail, renovation, tenant fitout, shell building construction, government facilities, and hotel construction. The company's management team has managed all facets of this type of construction from the pre-construction to turning the keys over to the owner to open the building

  • The Townson Company

    The Townson Company

    The Townson Company is involved in the process from the time the site is selected through lease/construction exhibit review, site surveys, due diligence, City approvals, permitting, construction drawings, contractor negotiations, project management and close out. As an outside resource, they currently represent some of the largest companies in the country

  • Treat Consulting Group

    Treat Consulting Group

    The company partners with owners, consultants, developers, contractors, and investors to maximize and optimize the strategies, deliveries, and people to win, deliver, and ultimately grow your business. They have a wide range of engagement options, including the short term (weeks - months), to longer-term assignments/projects with travel and onsite presence as needed

  • Van Pelt Construction Services

    Van Pelt Construction Services

    The firm’s nimble structure adapts to and serves the needs of each assignment. Whether their job trailer is stationed on an academic campus, in a hospital parking lot or at a community facility, VPCS team members know that accountability, accessibility and economy are all critical elements of successful projects

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