Prefab Logic: The Modular Construction Specialist

Prefab Logic: The Modular Construction Specialist

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Curtis Fletcher, CEO & Co-Founder, Prefab LogicCurtis Fletcher, CEO & Co-Founder
The subtle nuances of modular construction are plenty and complex. They require thought and premeditation—among other things—to come up with an efficient module design. For instance, most manufacturers can produce 2-4 modules or up to around 4,000 square feet of finished product per day including interior finishes. Such a vast volume requires every question to be answered and every piece to be worked out and detailed early on in the preconstruction process. “A typical multi-unit residential or hospitality project will begin its design process well in advance of manufacturing. This is a real challenge for manufacturers.” Says Curtis Fletcher, CEO and Co-founder of Prefab Logic. This is where Prefab Logic fits with its manufacturing partners and developers, to provide an optimized preconstruction process.

Prefab Logic was founded on the idea that the modular industry needed resources to facilitate modular projects while promoting best practices. The company brings that certainty in their proven best practices and continues to help advance the industry as they innovate from project to project. As a strategic partner, Prefab Logic has built an alliance of the industry’s best and brightest modular experts and manufacturers.
Diverse Array of Services
Prefab Logic supports the modular manufacturing industry by providing an array of key services for developers. One of their proprietary services, the Modular Feasibility Study (MFS), is a national service developed by the experts at Prefab Logic and is the first significant step in the modular process. It provides insight into the schedule and cost of a volumetric modular project. The MFS is a dive into the project, establishing baseline costs and expectations for all stakeholders involved. Noted as the go/no-go phase, this review gives an extensive look into the important elements and challenges a project may have in achieving success in modular form.

"A typical multi-unit residential or hospitality project will begin its design process well in advance of manufacturing. This is a real challenge for manufacturers"

The company also maintains business relationships with key manufacturing partners that are dedicated to multifamily and hospitality production. These manufacturers are capable of producing more than 4,200 modules per year in combined volume. Subsequently, when a project is ready to be built modularly, the team at Prefab Logic can make the design a modular reality through Prefab Logic’s Modular Product Delivery Process. Prefab Logic will work with the architect and other consultants on the team to develop the final design using modular best practices. Prefab Logic also handles the logistics of modular production, such as developing modular manufactured product specs and scope, as well as preparing a modular bid package and soliciting bids from its key manufacturing partners.

Prefab Logic’s Modular Product Delivery Process turns the architect’s schematic designs into deliverable products by modularizing the architects schematic design. Prefab Logic is the product group, systematically delivering product from early design all the way to delivery.
Prefab Logic’s proprietary preconstruction process allows for compression of time resulting in cost savings to the developer.

Building the Foundation for Better Construction

Modular construction, being in its stage of infancy, does not have a broad base of consultants who can provide sound expertise. This is a challenge in itself. Prefab Logic’s dynamic team are industry veterans in the manufacturing environment. Fletcher has been in the product development world and manufacturing for his whole career. The team at Prefab Logic is made up of industry veterans with direct manufacturing and product design experience. Developers are learning more about modular construction and realizing the benefits. The momentum is building in the marketplace, primarily due to labor shortages and the demand to build housing affordably. Prefab Logic thus sees a push for widespread acceptance of modular construction and believes that only the lack of knowledge and experience is causing potential clients to have a slower transition to modular construction.

Prefab Logic’s experience in building mid to large scale multifamily and hospitality projects with modular construction offers developers a resource unmatched in the industry. They also have a great working relationship with various developers, architects, manufacturers and engineering firms throughout the country. Prefab Logic is unique in that they are not specific or competitive to a manufacturer, architect or general contractor offering a strategic advantage to the client and to their consultant team.

The company invests heavily into research and development for product means and methods to support manufacturing and site installation. Fletcher adds “Part of our company’s initiative today is to assist in #BuildingAnIndustry, which really means expanding opportunities for clients to utilize modular products.”

"Part of our company’s initiative today is to assist in #BuildingAnIndustry, which really means expanding opportunities for clients to utilize modular products"

- Curtis Fletcher, CEO & Co-Founder

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