Fletcher Consulting: Mitigating Risk through Effective Project Leadership

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Mark Fletcher, CEO, Fletcher ConsultingMark Fletcher, CEO
Large construction projects fail at an astonishing rate. A majority of these failures stem from inadequate risk management—an essential facet of construction projects. While the nature of the construction industry keeps changing rapidly, so do the risks. However, most project managers lack the understanding and the expertise to mitigate these risks, making projects vulnerable to cost overruns, schedule delays and design issues. Fletcher Consulting, the coming together of highly-experienced and certified project managers, is changing the industry narrative.

Fletcher Consulting is an independent construction and property consultancy working across all sectors of the built environment. Their team leverages its collective knowledge and expertise to mitigate schedule, scope, and budget risks in projects and solves the challenges that owners, contractors, engineers, and architects face throughout the construction process. The company provides construction project management services to optimally plan and deliver projects in desired quality and standards without comprising on cost and time.
According to Mark Fletcher, CEO at Fletcher Consulting, while clients look for efficient project leaders who can add value in the entire workforce, industry knowledge and experience to bring in innovative insights becomes imperative. Mark, a former General Contractor leads a team of Project Management Professionals (PMP) or Certified Construction Managers (CCM) to add value in their services by managing the clients’ projects, minimizing the risks involved and executing the projects well within time and budget. “Our team thrives on guiding our clients through the projects by focusing on the fundamentals and driving the project forward through effective leadership. We do the heavy-lifting for clients from a wide array of business sectors, helping them make informed decisions from conception to completion of construction projects,” he adds. In a nutshell, the foundation of Fletcher Consulting lies in mitigating risks, allowing clients to make informed decisions, and bring rich industry expertise in real estate and construction.

The Fletcher Consulting team follows a formal project management methodology to simplify project management by breaking the project down into smaller sections at a very early stage to establish project parameters to work within. Fletcher Consulting also assigns project managers in the early-stage of client engagement. This enables clients to mitigate risks and make informed decisions at every possible step of the way.

Typically, the onboarding starts with project managers taking briefs from clients to define the program of requirements. This helps the company to identify and document key project stage objectives. Next, Fletcher Consulting aligns the design professionals with the schedule and budget of the project. Moreover, the process involves creating a documentable roadmap offering the clients confidence that the project is being managed well. The roadmap encompasses the future as well as past implementations, further helping the client define and clarify their needs. Fletcher Consulting has gained traction in the Washington DC market through successful delivery of numerous projects for its clients. This proven track record of success helps bring in many project referrals from past clients, architects, and developers to Fletcher Consulting. The company’s strategic recruitment procedure results in a proactive workforce that guarantees a great reputation in the market place.

Mark and his team’s expertise and relationships with clients proved immensely beneficial to a global education provider, International Baccalaureate, when relocating and expanding its US footprint. Fletcher Consulting assisted International Baccalaureate to relocate from New York to Bethesda, MD, which required coordination with team members located across multiple continents and time-zones. Fletcher Consulting steered the project to a successful conclusion and ultimately established the benchmark for every other global hub being planned by the client.

Moving ahead, Fletcher Consulting will continue to focus on developing its construction project and program management client-base, as well as expand its property consultancy work across all sectors of the built environment by focusing on minimizing risk and creating opportunities to maximize the value of their client’s developments and property assets.
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