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As Technology Advances, So Does Construction

With the passage of time, advancements in technology have introduced many innovations in the construction field. Today, the modern age builders, contractors, and construction companies heavily rely on cutting-edge technology such as big data, AR/VR, 3D printing and robotics, and analytics to architect beautiful dwellings and showcase the delicate art of construction. The demand for unmanned aerial vehicles or drones also found usage on construction sites for monitoring logistics, performing site inspections, and assessing various on-field operations.

However, among these emerging technology trends, it will be interesting to see how virtual reality (VR) pictures into this space. Albeit VR has already witnessed profound usage in video games and entertainment industry, several tech-savvy developers and construction experts are finding practical applications of this new technology in their field. The proliferation of VR in construction sites brings forth several avenues to improve designs, pitch projects, and enhance training and safety. Interestingly, 4D environments will assist construction companies to plan every aspect of a construction lifecycle starting from safety to efficiency in product delivery. In addition to this, the growing application of wearable technology, machine learning, prefabrication, predictive analytics, and connected job sites are further triggering the change in the construction sphere.

But amidst these developments, sometimes it becomes quite daunting for construction companies to analyze the new trends and figure out the game-changing solutions of the market. To assist decision-makers maneuver in the right direction while approaching a construction tech company, our distinguished editorial panel at Construction Tech Review have analyzed the different emerging trends in the construction industry to filter out solutions that are genuinely crafted for this space. This edition of our magazine is a result of our commitment to stick to our mission. Please let us know your thoughts.

Top Project Management Companies

The leading fully-managed commercial drone solution

Develops software solutions for real-time material tracking and site management for large construction sites

Provides hardware and software solutions for construction events and resource tracking, reporting, and analytics

Topcon Positioning System designs and manufactures precise positioning products and software solutions for the construction industry

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