SiteTraxx: Collect, Verify, Analyze Data for Positive Behavioral Change

Chris Wolbrink, Partner, SiteTraxxChris Wolbrink, Partner
Productivity and project delays have been chronic issues in the construction industry. Some causes include inadequate job site manpower, inefficient resource visibility, and the lack of worker accountability. Despite technological advances, the traditional decentralized approach to project controls has not appeared to change. SiteTraxx is a company that is turning the corners for the construction industry with its innovative resource tracking solution. “Driven by the mantra of ‘collect, verify, and analyze,’ we are changing the industry paradigm to bring complete behavioral change to drive accountability down to the worker level. So stakeholders (owners, contractors, and trade partners) can now drive accountability down to the worker level,” says Chris Wolbrink, Partner at SiteTraxx. The company achieves this feat by enabling the stakeholders with the ability to track manpower, materials, and events, centrally and gain near real-time insights. “Our solution brings the answer to the longstanding question: how can we collect job site data in an accurate and timely manner with the ability to verify retroactively if needed?”

Once the data is accurately collected, the use of Power BI and AI tools organize the data in a fashion that will allow stakeholders to achieve productivity gains. The ability to mitigate risk with data that SiteTraxx brings to the table is a shot in the arm for the industry.
SiteTraxx’s collaborative solution comprises a database designed in such a way that workers are held accountable for their own time reporting. Such a paradigm curtails ill habits among the workers, increases daily productivity, and reduces waste. It further allows all foremen and superintendents to focus more on resource monitoring rather than spending time on mundane reporting administrative tasks. The cumulative effect of small gains achieved through increased visibility and accountability lead to significant gains for everyone involved in the project. While owners can make huge gains, contractors and trade partners can increase margins by increasing daily productivity, thus reducing the overall program risk.

From the tech perspective, SiteTraxx is integrated with plug and play terminals at the job site. The adoption change begins with the site-specific safety orientation program. Workers are issued a unique RFID badge that is assigned to every worker to gather their daily work data. The badge allows workers to interface with the SiteTraxx terminal at the entry and exit points at any desired on or offsite location. Once a worker accesses the entry/exit terminal, the RFID automatically provides data, such as name, labor classification, trade classification by Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) division, equipment certifications, among other details. By sharing the data with authorized users, SiteTraxx allows stakeholders to realign resources, mitigate risks, and resolve possible disputes that may occur. It also enhances maximum cost savings, accurate project controls, and improved site safety and security while improving project execution.

The innovative platform has earned SiteTraxx a thriving clientele in just five years of its inception. Caesars Entertainment approached SiteTraxx seeking assistance in project controls for managing their sites, contracts, and efficient processing of payment applications. Today, Caesars is utilizing the SiteTraxx platform to enhance their owner-controlled insurance program (OCIP) and to evaluate performance measures within the capital improvements plan for future projects. Similarly, The Beck Group (Dallas, TX) sought the assistance of SiteTraxx for its contractor-controlled insurance program (CCIP), benchmarking target productivity and increased efficiency, and to augment their analytics division.

SiteTraxx stands firm on its principle that utilizing technology to bring about a process change is winning only half the battle. It is the behavioral change across the board that is the true winner for the industry, and SiteTraxx is leaving no stone unturned to lead the innovation. Moving forward, the company intends to expand into sectors such as oil and gas, transportation, airport authorities, larger housing programs, among others.
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Dallas, Texas

Chris Wolbrink, Partner

SiteTraxx eliminates the guesswork from construction site reporting, minimizes human error in data collection and increases data accuracy while providing valuable data insights for every stakeholder


"Driven by the mantra of ‘collect, verify, and analyze,’ we are changing the industry paradigm to bring complete behavioral change to drive accountability down to the worker level"

- Chris Wolbrink, Partner

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